How Old is Too Old?

If the tire was manufactured since 2000 or later, the last four numbers represent the week and the year the tire was made. In the case of the tire pictured, the numbers are 3505.The first two numbers are the week the tire was manufactured (the 35th week) or the last week of August. The last two digits are 05, which is 2005.


Motorcyclists typically get 7,000 - 10,000 miles on their motorcycle tires. So for some, the motorcycle tire may not last long enough – from a chronological age standpoint – to worry about. 

Many of us may not put that much mileage on our motorcycle tires if the motorcycle is not our primary vehicle. We generally don’t know the age of the tire when it’s put on our bike. This isn’t to say your dealer sold you a used tire instead of a new one. 

The tire begins to age as soon as it is manufactured..

Exposure to oxygen, sun light, heat, and use all work to break down, wear out and harden the rubber compound used in the tires, whether the tire is on a bike or not.